Fall Activities in Pearl River

September, 2009

Elyse, Jordan and Ashleigh are all three involved in soccer this fall. Darla is one of the coaches for Ashleigh's team. This keeps them involved in soccer four nights during the week with games on Saturday.

A tea party at home. September 9.

A cookie-making session on October 8.

Elyse cutting out a cookie.

Ashleigh with their cut-out cookies. About ready to go into the oven!

Darla with some of the young soccer team she coaches. It includes her daughter Elyse, third from left, and nephew Caleb Wells, second from right. October 17.

Elyse, right, with two of her teammates.

Jordan on defense.

Ashleigh plays both on a recreation league team and the high school home school team.

It's Halloween and Jordan and Elyse are working on pumpkins. October 31.

Jordan and Lindsey the catwoman pose by the hayride trailer which has been decorated with cobwebs.

Bethany the cheerleader joins them.

A little lady as lovely as the monarch that came to their butterfly plant. But above she is the damsel in distress as her sister holds a sword to her throat.

Ashleigh, Jordan and Elyse with Bethany and Lindsey and a couple of neighborhood friends are ready for Trick-or-Treat. Even Scooter the dog gets included.

Even Grammy and Paps (known to some people as Judy and Dave Moyle) get involved in the dressup on this costumed night.

Ashleigh makes a three-tiered wedding cake and Jordan makes a devilsfood groom's cake as the first stage of a major production that the girls have dreamed up. November 14.
How about this for a fancy wedding cake! It was cooked up for their staging of an elaborate doll wedding. The groom is a pink stuffed bear!
Here is the whole wedding party of dolls, and the girls that staged the wedding. Bethany, Ashleigh, Jessica, Jordan, Lindsey and Elyse.
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