Trip to the Bayou General Store

December 24, 2009

On Wednesday, Dec 23 Rod and Jeff had gone down to New Orleans to swim in the pool at UNO and visited the Seminary briefly. Then they went to the new church construction and worked on the ceiling tiles in the new sanctuary using one of the scissor lifts to get them up to the ceiling.

To give Jeff and Darla some time for errands and last minute shopping on Dec 24th, Grandma and Granddad took the girls to the Bayou General Store south of Slidell.

The store was packed with all kinds of gifts and crafts with a sea theme.

Brenda and the girls enjoyed poking around the crowded store. Looks like Ashleigh shared my fascination with the wood carvings of shore birds.

The store was packed with all kinds of strange items with a seafaring theme. So the girls kept busy, looking at everything.

Elyse was in the mood to pose with everything, which of course was fine with Granddad.

Ashleigh got engaged in the posing, perhaps because there were so many neat stuffed things, like these lobsters and crabs. Also possibly because I wasn't using the flash to bother her eyes. There was a cafe, and we stayed to eat lunch there.

It was a great place to get a picture of Grandma Brenda with all three girls.

Grandma had to keep a close watch on Elyse after Granddad offered her to the big alligator.

She may not be out of danger, however. This other gator looks a lot meaner. Particularly since that may have been her babies Elyse was playing with.
Christmas Day

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