Bent Tree Trip with Lopez and Suarez Families

July 2-3, 2010

Rod and the Lopez and Suarez families headed out to Bent Tree on Friday evening. We are gathered for games at the table, which we played until about 1 AM! It was a great time of fellowship.

Clockwise around the table are Javier and Grace Lopez, Chris Suarez, Kevin Lopez, Rosa and Angel Suarez.

We slept late but then Angel, Rosa and Grace cooked up a very nice breakfast which everyone enjoyed.

While we were eating breakfast this doe was calmly lying about 50 feet from the house, chewing its cud. I had seen her earlier when I walked down the driveway to call Brenda and not disturb those who were sleeping. She walked up the hill and lay there for probably over an hour.

Angel shot this nice picture of two does by the road as we drove down out of Chestnut Cove toward the lake.

Kevin, Javier and Grace near the beach. There were probably 20 canopies set up for the 4th of July weekend festivities.

Angel again gets a good shot of this doe and yearling fawn on the way to the waterfall side of the lake.

Rosa, Chris and Javier above the stream from the waterfall.

Angel gets a picture of the falls and pool below from the top of the falls.

Rosa, Angel and Chris Suarez above the falls from Bent Tree's Lake Tamarack.

We watched a column of riders cross the spillway as we came up from the waterfall area. It was a busy place with lots of activities for this holiday weekend.

Rod points out the general location of our house up on the left mountain, just to the left of the tower on the top.

We enjoyed the lake view and the waterfall and just relaxed in the spillway area for a few minutes and then headed out, stopping for our traditional picture on the dam with Lake Tamarack in the background.

We saw another doe and spike buck beside the road on the way to the gate. It was a bit cooler today than the very hot weather we have been having, so I thought maybe the cooler weather had encouraged a lot of deer to be out in midday.

We mostly see does, so it was interesting to see this young buck out on the road.

As we drove out the gate to head for home, this lovely doe was standing there as if to say goodbye. It was a very relaxing trip, and as Angel said "La paz!", we enjoyed the peace and quiet of this mountain location.

P.S. We have lots of deer at Bent Tree, but a form of life much more abundant is the snail population. There are hundreds of them around our house alone, and they make a real mess on the side of the house. When we arrived rather late on Friday night we found two snails really stretched out on the steps to the house.

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