Picnic for Iglesia de Mableton at Bent Tree

July 10, 2010

We had a beautiful day on Lake Tamarack at Bent Tree for our fourth annual picnic with the Hispanic congregation, now officially Iglesia de Mableton. (Others were in 2007, 2008, 2009.)We had in the neighborhood of seventy persons present.

We had about a dozen vehicles including the church van driven by Alfredo Nunez. I took six persons with me in our van.

I had reserved the Pavilion for the occasion and some of the ladies got right to work on the big grill there.

With the outside tables and those under the pavilion, we had plenty of space to spread out. The ladies were busy with preparation for the meal.

Time for fellowship during the preparation, and with so many hands working the tables were set quickly.

The kids were delighted to get to the lake and at one time I counted 31 kids in the lake by the beach.

Gerardo was in the water with his three daughters and a couple of dozen other kids.

Gerardo and Adela's youngest daughter enjoys the water and the float, but wants the security of Papa' right there with her.

The ladies keep the grill busy, preparing lots of wonderful-smelling meats.

Francisco and Francisca Nava add some new foods to the grill with ears of corn and shish-ka-bobs.

The variety of foods on the grill contributes to a great feast for everyone.

Meanwhile the older boys were trying some fishing from the dock. Not only did the fish try to steal their bait, there were a couple of enterprising turtles that were nibbling on it.

Some relaxed in hammocks strung from the trees.

Evenor cuts a watermelon (a sandia) and generously shares it around.

A popular place to visit is the spillway and waterfall. Some asked about visiting it, and by the time we got there, we probably had forty people.

We gathered around the exit end of the pool below the waterfall with a nice view of the waterfall.

Gustavo and Graciela brave the current and make it all the way to the falls.

Evenor and his wife also swim to the falls and celebrate their triumph.

David and his son enjoy the pool.

Gustavo and Graciela enjoy the water and show a delightful playfulness.

Noe Castillo makes the jump into the deep pool. Noe was the first to ask me about visiting the falls, and I reckon this was what he had in mind.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the experience at the waterfall, so by the time we left there it was about time to clean up and head home. Overall, we praise the Lord for a good outing and a safe return.

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