Thanksgiving Day

November 22

Thanksgiving day started with the excitement of preparation. In midmorning, Andy and Alice came by as part of their round of meeting family and announcing the upcoming wedding. Jordan, Elyse and Brenda gather with them to reminisce over some family history pictures.

Uncle Mark shows up for dinner and gets mobbed by the girls. We put him to work carving the turkey.

Brenda was zipping around with preparation with the help of Darla and Sherry. With the turkey carving being handled, she could turn to other things.

Next to arrive was Stacy. She is greeted by Jeff, Elyse, Ashleigh and Jordan.

The busy kitchen was a happy place for fellowship this morning.

I think we have four votes here for getting things started at the table!

Finally we gather at the table. Stacy, Jordan, Ashleigh, Mark, Elyse.

The great banquet on the table was much appreciated, and the labor of those who cooked and prepared. Our greatest blessing and cause for thanks was those around the table. Jeff, Darla, Sherry, Marty, Stacy, Jordan, Ashleigh, Mark and Elyse.

Mark builds spiral staircase.

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