Picnic with Iglesia de Mableton at Bent Tree

July 20, 2013

As we were approaching the beach area at Bent Tree to meet the group from Iglesia de Mableton, this doe and two young spotted fawns crossed the road near the golf course.

We had rented the pavilion by the lake for a picnic today, and the group started arriving about 10:30 and got the grills going.

Carlos Escobar, Paco Nava and Oscar Escobar had ridden up with us. They took a few moments to enjoy the peaceful lake and the view of the doe and two fawns on the green area across the lake.

Having seen the doe and two fawns again, I went around the end of the lake to try to catch them. There were nice cattails where I crossed the small stream that feeds the lake.

I got peaceful views of the lake, the beach, and Sharptop Mt overlooking the area. At the right of the beach up in the trees is where the pavilion is, and the group was beginning to explore the beach and the surroundings.

I was able to approach the doe without her being greatly alarmed, but at a certain distance she put up her flag and the fawn did likewise.

Mom made sure I kept my distance, but I was pleased that I didn't spook them into leaving the area.

At one time they ambled far enough away from me that I thought I would lose them, but I had noticed that the doe had liked grazing on a certain downed tree, so I positioned myself close to it. Sure enough, she circled back to it.

It was a treat to see the two fawns together. I was surprised that Mom would let one get completely out of sight at times. But I'm sure they had alarm signals to bring them back together.

Not a great shot, but above left one of the fawns is nursing. By this time they no longer were taking much notice of me.

I had enjoyed my time with this deer family, so now I took my leave of them so the doe could enjoy munching on the leaves of this freshly fallen tree.

Bent Tree deluge

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