Christmas Morning at Jeff's

December 25, 2013

Brenda and I spent Christmas night at Judy's where Brenda helped with filling the stockings. Then we went to Jeff's about 8:30 Christmas morning. It is always good to see the girls with their gifts on Christmas morning.

Darla had gotten Jeff a new red toolchest, and he got some organizers for his tools to put in it.

One of our gifts to the girls was a Precious Moment figurine for each.

Here Jordan and Ashleigh were fascinated not with the gift but with the box! It was unique in that you lifted the top part and it opened to show you what was inside. So even at this age they sometimes play with the box!

The girls were a bit awestruck with the generous gift of cash from Uncle Mark.

We enjoyed the time and the sharing with Jeff and Darla and the girls at their house and prepared to go to the Moyles for the traditional Christmas day gathering there.

Christmas day at the Moyle's

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