August Visit to Pearl River

August 15-19, 2013

We made the drive to Pearl River on August 15 to visit with the family just after all three girls had started school. Ashleigh demonstrates some of the math she has done.

Grandma Brenda helps Elyse review her spelling words for a spelling test.

Jordan is curled up with her smart phone as the girls have gone high-tech.

August 17

Speaking of high-tech, when we went over to Jeff and Leslie's for a birthday party, all four girls were gathered on the patio with their smart phones. The cat was feeling totally neglected!

The attraction of the nice pool got them away from the technology. Bethany, Jordan and Ashleigh enjoy floating around the pool.

After a tasty supper for which chef Jeff Moyle outdid himself with some wonderful grilled ribs, we got Bethany and Jonathan together to celebrate their birthdays.

Bethany at center for the gift giving, surrounded by the family. All nine of the grandchildren generation were present, and five of the grandparent generation.

South Cobb Reunion

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