Sue Woolf 90th Birthday Party

August 10, 2013

We enjoyed the celebration of Sue's 90th Birthday. This continues with some casual shots of the occasion to celebrate the fellowship with long-time friends.

This is part of the group awaiting Sue's entry. Up the left hand side are Barbara Petty, Carl Shaw beside Boyd Moore, Naomi Sundy with Roger Sundy to the right of her, then Nancy and Tom Jones. Top middle Betty and Henry Fields, Gail Green, Bobbie Boal top right. In front are Katie and friend.

Another section of the waiting group. Front ?, Jane Strange with Sam Shelton behind her, Jim Green with Gary Bechdol behind him, Bill Nowell, Joe Stoner. Behind front group are Laddie Rollins and Norman Petty. On top step Nancy Bonds and Brenda Nave.

Laddie Rollins, Sam Shelton, John Baxley, Boyd Moore, Henry Fields.

Aubrey Bush and Frank Gudger with Warren Skinner. Warren is the current Campus Minister for the Baptist Campus Ministry at Georgia Tech (BSU Director in our day.)

Judy Bonds, Henry Fields, John and Nancy Baxley.

Barbara Petty, Becky Rollins, Brenda Nave, Nancy Baxley, Carol McKinney.

Mary Tanner, Brenda Nave, Bette Jones, Judy Bonds.

Thanks and blessings, Sue, for giving us the occasion to celebrate with you.

Thanks, Bill and Susan and David and families.

Blessings to the whole Woolf family for what you have meant to us, and for helping with this celebration.

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