Fall Activities 2014

Darla shared with us pictures of the girls' Halloween costumes. They had what I think they called a Boo-bash at the church. I don't recognize Elyse's costume here, so I'll have to be educated.

At least Jordan's costume wasn't hard to figure out since she went as Minnie Mouse.

Ashleigh chose the character Belle from Beauty and the Beast as I understood it. The character spent time reading a book, so that suited Ashleigh just fine - she went around reading her book.

Both Jordan and Ashleigh ran Cross-Country for the Pearl River High School Rebels.

Ashleigh was a member of the Homecoming Court for Pearl River High School.
On October 14 Mark sent us a short video of a truck gag they were working on for a movie. They are rigging the rear wheels with separate controls so the truck can go down the road in jackknife position.

One of Mark's special effects steel projects was to build a rotating section of a roller coaster that they could rotate to any angle. Early November.

Sure enough, they turned the section all the way over to the upside-down position. And with eight people strapped in it!

December 12. From Arkansas, Suzanne sends us a picture of the first plane to land on their dirt airstrip behind their house. The runway is part of the old field where I chopped and picked cotton, so this is a real change in use for that land.

Brent pilots the second plane to land on the strip and is preparing to take off from the bermuda-sod airstrip. In the background are some of their rice hauling trucks, and it appears to be one of the yellow pieces of land leveling equipment behind.

This is an approximate location of the new airstrip superimposed on a picture I took on a ride with Brent back in 2005.

Flag Football Game

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