Newport Visit

September 28, 2014

We drove from the Birmingham area to Newport and arrived about 1pm, just in time for the birthday celebration dinner for Genevieve, Bobby's Mom. Genevieve and Dorothy, seated. Bryan, Bobby, Eli, Suzanne, Garrett, Mary, Brent, Megan and Mandi. We were fortunate to get to see Bryan and Mary since he had just finished three 4-week rotations of his medical school program at San Antonio, Little Rock and Washington DC, I believe. We had not gotten to Newport since May, 2012, so we were glad to see everybody. We had also seen Suzanne and Mary in July, 2012 when they came to Atlanta for a visit.

We enjoyed seeing the cotton fields and the other fields ready for harvest, or just harvested, on the way over from Memphis.

After dinner, I walked out to see the airstrip that Brent and Bobby have graded on this side of the railroad from Bobby's side. Also, this shows the grading of the area close to the lake across the tracks.

I walked to the lake bank since I am always interested to see the Bergen Lake, where Philippe and I spent so much time as boys. It had been brought to mind this morning as we traveled through Tupelo, MS since these trees are a mixture of cypress and tupelo trees.

We got up early on September 29 since I was planning to go to the ricefields with Bobby and Brent. The sunrise was beautiful and the day was clear, but that band of ground fog says that there was dew and that moisture will delay the beginning of combining the rice today.

Visit to the Rice Field

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