Men's Retreat, Iglesia de Mableton

September 12-13, 2014

Ping-pong at 1:30am!

Sixteen of the men and muchachos from Iglesia de Mableton went to Bent Tree for an overnight retreat. We arrived at about 9pm and they cooked food at the Pavilion at the lake. We ate and had fellowship there until after 11pm. Then we had a sharing time that lasted until about 1am and finally made our way to the house. Paco Nava and Oscar Escobar still have enough left for a ping-pong game.

Eddie and Carlos Escobar were on the other end of the table. But even the young ones were tired, and we all settled in by about 2am all over the house.

We slept a bit late after the 2am bedtime, but then Juan and Guadalupe are busy with a major breakfast production in the kitchen.

Diego cuts up avocados to go with the growing mound of eggs (huevos revueltos) with tomato. With the bacon there is a large pan of beans (frijoles).

The morning was very pleasant, so we moved all the tables out onto the deck for breakfast. Pastor Javier Lopez is in the center.

The group had a luxurious breakfast out on the deck at treetop level.

The group had brought an abundance of food, and Juan did a great job of organizing things.

I was glad to see that about half of the group were of the youth of the church.

There were many ping-pong battles, and Eddie gets in a chess game with his father Diego. Then we move toward departure for the beach and pavilion.

Someone had left a pair of shorts, so Paco brings them out on a stick as if they were toxic waste. Oscar and the others appreciated the gag.

We gathered back at the pavilion for relaxation and starting the grills for lunch preparation. It was a beautiful day with a good view of the beach and the lake.

The muchachos got into an active football game in the lake with an American football. Oscar Escobar on the left above and Carlos Escobar on the right.

Oscar with Paco Nava defending and Carlos with Eddie defending.

Tall Paco tips this one over Oscar's head. Eddie manages to intercept one on the other end.

Oscar barely gets this one off, under duress from Paco. Then he gets in the clear for the return pass.

Meanwhile, it was a time of fellowship and conversation for the adults, along with getting the grills going.

I was amused at the difference between what they put on their grill and our usual fare of hotdogs and hamburgers.

Francisco Nava and Diego stock this grill. A popular item for the grills is ears of corn (maize). Bananas or plantains are also popular.

After all the water games, the guys start a big game of UNO before lunchtime.

Grace Lopez and Francisca Nava drove up to join us for the morning, and in fact were there at the Pavilion when we got down there after breakfast. They had a little time for peaceful fellowship by the lake.

We had an abundant and tasty lunch, thanks to the efforts of the men on the grills.

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