Filling Backpacks for Backpack Outreach

July 24, 2016

Our youth department with their leaders were lined up to fill the backpacks for our backpack event, scheduled for this Wednesday. The selection of school supplies were placed in bins, and as the members of the congregation carried backpacks by, the youth put in the different items, ending with a Bible. The filled backpacks were then put in a pile, with the goal of filling 250 backpacks.

Getting started with the backpack-filling operation. Mark Todd has a stack of empty backpacks to hand out to persons in the line. Alex and Kate Doriot hand out pencils and crayons. Graham Johnson and Clinton Miller are next in line with school supplies.

Hey, I think Ruth Floyd is trying to fill three backpacks! We ought to get done quickly.

Christian and Geneel and Portia have their empty backpacks, and the line is moving along.

Geneel and Christian move down the line, and Alex and Kate make sure they have pencils and crayons in their packs.

The Miller family is engaged here for school supplies and then Tammy giving a Bible.

The Sunday Morning congregation was asked to line up and help fill backpacks, and the response was so enthusiastic that it caused a major traffic jam in the foyer.

The line swells to full capacity, and moves past Pastor Clint as he greets others coming out of the sanctuary.

The line of backpack packers is packed down the hall beside the sanctuary.

The youth did a great job of keeping up with the packing process. It certainly kept them busy!

At the end of the line, each pack received a Bible. Pretty neat to be kept so busy opening boxes of Bibles to give away!

At the end of the line, Laura Jane is zipping up her filled backpack with the help of Reagan. Heather has hers ready to place on the growing stack of backpacks. Tony Mode helps manage the growing pile.

Tammy Miller has the task of providing a Bible for each backpack. Pray for the impact of each one!

Meanwhile, back along the line, Graham and Clinton are still at it.

Morgan and Madison have provided supplies, and now Andrew and Yeshua are ready for a Bible. Reagan assists with the Bibles.

Besides being a worthwhile service, it was a time of fellowship for the whole congregation to join in doing something together.

Many circled back and went through the line again until we had filled all 250 backpacks.

As the last packs were picked up and taken through the line for filling, we celebrated the completion of something the church had been working on for weeks, to collect the necessary school supplies to fill all the packs for the children.

Happy 5th Anniversary, Lana!

On Sunday evening we had a celebration supper to honor Lana Ebert on her 5th Anniversary as Children's Minister for Mableton First Baptist. It was good to meet other members of her family and deliver up some kudos to Lana.

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