Elyse's Birthday and Family Time

Monday, December 26

We wanted to do some family celebration of Elyse's 12th birthday on the actual birthday, so we all went out to eat at Speckle T's in Slidell and then returned to the house for pie and ice cream. Ashleigh and Jordan volunteer to help Elyse slice the pie. The extended family has planned a larger birthday celebration later in the week.

With all that help, she was able to get the pie cut, and now Mom is standing by to add some ice cream!

Tuesday, December 27

We went to breakfast at Cracker Barrell at Slidell with Judy, and Darla and the girls joined us there.

Jeff had reported at about 5am to ride with the Slidell Police today, and he was able to ride by the Cracker Barrell with his partner to say hello.

Jeff is enthusiastic about his opportunities as Chaplain for the Slidell Police Force. Having completed the Police Academy, he has the credentials to ride with the police but must do so with full uniform and police gear.

Jeff is riding with this Slidell Police officer today, as he does on a fairly regular basis.

Being actively helpful to them has increased his opportunity to minister in various settings that have arisen.

We enjoyed the visit very much and then headed back toward Atlanta.

Thursday, December 28

On Thursday they had the family birthday party for Elyse. She made her own cake with twelve candles on it.

The family gathered at Grammy's for the party.

Icy New Year

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