Jordan's Mission Trip to Ecuador

July 16-24, 2016

Jordan is in the air traveling from New Orleans to Atlanta as the first leg of the trip to Quito, Ecuador. July 16. After a layover in the Atlanta Airport, they traveled on to Quito, reaching there about midnight. Jordan was surprised that Ashleigh was able to meet them at the Quito airport. They traveled to the Alliance school where that group was again staying - the same location as last year. Ashleigh was staying at a different location with her IMB group.
By noon on Sunday, July 17, they were on the way to their mission location, about an hour's busride from the Alliance School. They did prayer walks in the location where they were going to be working.

They had a tour to the area of the large statue of Mary that we had seen from a distance last year on the hill called La Panecilla. So they saw the large cluster of cathedrals and churches in the valley from a different angle.

This is a little closer view of this valley in which you can see at least five large cathedrals or churches.

This is the large statue of Mary that overlooks Quito.

There are parks and exploration areas around the base of the large statue. This is a view of the mountains from that area, showing the remarkable density of houses climbing up the mountainside.

There were even horseback tours of the park areas around the Mary statue. All this is in view of the vast sprawl of housing that makes up this 9300ft altitude metropolis.

Tim Crutchfield interacted with two young shoeshine boys that were up in the park area.

Another panorama of the Quito city sprawl. The highrise buildings of the central business district can be seen at left.

Jordan with the central city of Quito behind her. The Cathedral area can be seen at lower left.

This view downward from the statue area shows the rectangular concrete housing typical of Quito. In the central city the housing density is such that the only place for play is in the parks or in the street. Here we see the edge of the housing on the steep side of the mountain. That appears to be a cemetery in the lower part of the picture.

Monday morning, July 18, at 7:40am from the top of the Alliance School dormitory. That is a familiar view from last year since we did our morning devotionals and planning meetings there.

This panoramic view shows the top of the building and the sweep of the city toward the mountains.
Views from the roof of the Alliance School sleeping quarters.

After the hour busride to their ministry site, Jordan took a few shots of the neighborhood.

Shown are the stairs going down from Natalie's house. They stayed at or operated from Natalie's house when they were on site. Natalie had six children. Every day they went to her house first and worked from there. They also had the Bible studies at Natalie's house. At right above is little Sarahi, to whom Jordan got quite attached.

The mission of Jordan's team was to aid in planting a church, so they walked the neighborhood talking with people. They encountered a lot of children, and also a lot of dogs which roamed the neighborhood.

This is where they got the kids together, at the local soccer field. They divided the group into three parts and cycled them through soccer, Bible study, and a craft.

Jordan did play some soccer with them, as evidenced by the pattern of the soccer ball seams on her leg. The dust was really fine and got into the soccer ball seams, and transferred the dust to Jordan's leg upon impact.

From their neighborhood they could see the volcano that we visited last year, but we never got a view of the peak like this because of our approach route. This was their view of it just walking down the street in their neighborhood.
Pan view of part of the neighborhood.

Their transport bus has arrived at sunset, but they still have some agenda at Natalie's house before they return.

They gathered for Bible study at Natalie's house. Paula was their translator.

They had activities for the children in the kitchen while the adult Bible study was going on in the living room. Those were the kids they had interacted with in the afternoon. This ended the activities for their first day in the neighborhood.

Tuesday, July 19

Tuesday dawned beautifully in Quito, and Tim Crutchfield leads their morning devotional on the roof with this now familiar sight.
They headed out through the mountainous terrain for their neighborhood.

The neighborhood may not be beautiful, but the children are! Jordan again spends time with little Sarahi.

Jordan shares with Sarahi and her brother Ariel. One of the Bibles had lots of pictures in it and they would fight over that one.

The children of the neighborhood responded enthusiastically to the activities and to the attention given to them.

Jordan read a Bible story in Spanish to these children.

There was also time for play with the children.

It was pretty neat to work in an area where you could see the volcano so clearly. This was over the rooftops of their neighborhood.

TJ Crutchfield, who was on the team last year, spent time with the children, and if you were spending time with the children outside you were also spending time with the dogs. The dog at left stayed with them all week, and Jordan indicated that it became so possessive of them that it would growl at other dogs that came near. At center and right, he spends time with Natalie's youngest child - with the cat, and in a bubble-blowing session.

Wednesday, July 20

On Wednesday afternoon they were in an area overlooking the Quito Airport. That was interesting since we were there only at night last year and had no idea what the surroundings were like.

Pan view of this area overlooking the airport.

The youth were very keen on chalk art, so they had a lot of places for art with all the concrete surfaces around the area.

We quipped that they were all budding graffiti artists - just what that city needs is more graffiti artists! There is certainly more graffiti in Quito than any city I've ever seen.

But here with the chalk they did some nice work. This girl wrote Jordan's name and then did some chalk art around it.

Two of the team members, Jessica and Kenzsie, with Sarahi by the bare earth soccer field.

That night there was a church that wanted Scott to speak, so they got everyone from the neighborhood who had been attending the Bible study and loaded them on the bus and went to the church.

Thursday, July 21

Back to the roof of the Alliance school for devotional, and then off to Parque de Carolina for sharing and ministry there.

In Parque de Carolina they again used the Worldchangers bandanna to share the story of Jesus.

Jordan said that all they had to do was to bring out the chalk and start drawing and the kids would show up.

They had a nice lunch at a restaurant near the Parque. Ashleigh had eaten there as well when she was at the Parque

Friday, July 22

They bought cotton candy at the Parque and were able to share with the person who was making it.

The Parque was much improved from last year with turf soccer fields and resurfaced basketball courts.

Jordan,-- Kaleigh on the right is an Intern this year after being on our team last year.

Back row: Scott, Matthew, Jordan, Jessica, TJ, Anna, Kenzsie. Front: Dannie, Tim, Paula, Katie, Mary Ann. Paula was their translator. Matthew is her son and Dannie is her niece.

Saturday, July 23

Saturday was exploration day. They headed out of the city on a bus, and saw these bare mountain ridges on the way to the volcano.

This is the valley below the volcano.

Jordan got a portrait on the slope of an active volcano, and on the Equator in the Mitad del Mundo.

Jordan checks her watch against the sundial at the Equator. Her watch reads 12:57.

They had a special final evening meal together, which featured one special dish to pass around and sample - a dish of roasted guinea pig.

After the meal was a trip to the Quito airport. As of 5am on Sunday, July 25, they are back over a U.S. city.

Picnic with Iglesia de Mableton

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