Into the Inside Passage

August 28, 2016

After all the activity of yesterday in our process of boarding the Crown Princess and settling in on the ship, Sunday was much more relaxed.

Sunday was a day of sea travel as we headed across open water to the point of entry into the Inside Passage.

On the ship it was the day when they encouraged us to dress up for dinner. Here are Suzanne and Bob on one the spiral staircases on the ship.

Brenda did convince Rod to put on the shirt and tie, and had done the work of getting them here so that he could, so we have a picture on the same stairwell.

We got another nice photo of Suzanne and Bob at dinner in the Michelangelo Room. One of the traditional luxuries of cruises is the fine cuisine, and our two evening meals so far have held up that standard. After our first night with Joseph from the Philippines and Boonmee from Thailand, we tried to get to one of their tables each night.

We got a picture of the four of us courtesy of one of our waiters. Our two waiters were from the Philippines and Thailand, and they both had a good sense of humor as well as being very professional.


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