Jeff and Family Visit

February 23, 2001

Jeff and Family arrived in the wee hours. Jeff dragged out to go swim with Rod at the GSU pool on Friday and then they had lunch at the Varsity - a tradition which goes back to when Jeff was 13 and he and Rod took scuba lessons at the GSU pool.

The playhouse in the back yard is a part of our tradition when the girls come. They have never seen the back yard without the playhouse, so they undoubtedly think it is there all the time.

Ashleigh went with Granddad to the store to get popsicles, and she and Jordan took them to the playhouse. We have to set up housekeeping in the playhouse for each visit, so we took the two small chairs down to it for this popsicle occasion.

Darla and Rod took the girls around to the front yard. With jonquils blooming and the sun shining, it was a pleasant day.

Jordan was having trouble keeping her popsicle out of the grass and dirt. In fact she didn't seem to be trying too hard. By the time we got her around to the carport, her popsicle was much shortened by the pieces we had broken off to remove the dirt and grass.
In the meantime, Ashleigh had finished her popsicle and was zipping around so fast that her hair was flying in the wind. She got the little broom on the carport and made a good effort at sweeping up the leaves.

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