Jeff and Family Visit

February 24, 2001

Ashleigh popped out of bed happy, and gave Grandma and Grandad a good bit of joy while the others slept in.

Jordan came out of bed a little more rambunctious, and required a little first aid from Grandma. Ashleigh enjoyed playing with her babies, but Jordan wanted to explore everything.

The girls in their matching overalls entertained us, and had a great time playing with the two helium balloons which Brenda had picked up.

One of the delights of the little ones is that it doesn't take much to make a game. Darla was giving Jordan a taste of her coffee on her finger. Jordan would make a face and say "yuck!" and then come right back for another taste. Ashleigh thought it was all great fun.

Reading and books are an important part of the girls' lives. Jeff and Darla read to them regularly, and Grandma and Granddad get into the act as well on their visits.

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