Review of HyperPhysics

May 11, 2001

This review of Rod's HyperPhysics website appeared in the May 11 issue of Science. Netwatch is a regular feature of the magazine. Science is the main journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

About the first of May, Rod got an email from Jocelyn Kaiser, the editor of the Netwatch Feature in Science. She indicated that she might mention HyperPhysics in the column, but had questions about the level of the material. Rod emailed her to explain that the entry points were at an introductory conceptual level, but there were many "drill-down" points to explore the material at greater depth. A couple of hours later, Jocelyn called and they were able to discuss the nature and intent of HyperPhysics. Two weeks later, it was in print.


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