Roman Soldiers Confront the Pharisees

April 13, 2001

Chief Pharisee:"Greetings, most noble governor."

Marcus: "Save your breath, old man. I've come to give you a warning. I'm holding you personally responsible for keeping these people under control during your religious festival. ..."

Jacob's Mother: "Jacob! No! Come back here! Jacob!"

Marcus: "Hey! Why you little ..."

Jesus: "Let him be. He's just a child."

Chief Pharisee: "What's the matter, Marcus? Why did you stop? Does that man intimidate you?"

Marcus:"Of course not! It's just that ... well I decided to forget it. What's it to you anyway?"

Chief Pharisee: "Don't you know who that man is?"

Marcus:"No, why should I? What difference does it make?"

Chief Pharisee:"Why he's the talk of all Jerusalem these days. Haven't you heard about the "teacher", the "great healer?"

Marcus:"Oh yes ... So he's the one! Is he one of you?"

Chief Pharisee:"Of course not! He moves alone - or with his own band of rebels. We wouldn't allow him to walk with us."

Marcus:"Yes, I can see why. He seems somehow too smart for that!"

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