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February 24, 2001

First Baptist Mableton Racers Compete in West Metro Associational Race

Brandon Hause, Mitch Haney and Wesley McCoy represented First Baptist Mableton in the West Metro Assocation RA Racer Derby. Brandon, at far left, had won the Lad division race at FBC Mableton. Wesley and Mitch had won first and second place for the Crusader division.

Brandon's car was just a bit overweight by the association's scales, so it had to be drilled out a little to bring it down to 5oz. That probably was an advantage, because it got him right at the maximum weight. His car is shown above after being checked in.

Brandon Hause Wins 2nd Place in Lad Race

Brandon is shown making one of his several trips to the starting line as he won race after race. Taking second place only a couple of inches behind the leader, he earned a trip to the district RA Racer Derby.

Wesley watches his car being placed on the track for a race.

Wesley and Mitch collect their cars at the finish line after a race.

Mitch's car was very fast and hung in the competition for four wins. It is shown placed on the track at left. Below, Mitch delivers his car to the starter and then watches it zip by. Four wins means that he was the fastest car among eight churches.

FBC Mableton
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