Georgia Tech BSU Alumni Gathering

January 19, 2002

We hosted the first meeting of the year for the Georgia Tech BSU group which has retained a remarkable fellowship for nearly forty years! One of our major prayer concerns of recent weeks has been Sharon Shelton who had major surgery in the fall. We were delighted to see her. She fussed about being thin, but looked great, so we could rejoice with her - shown center at left with Sam behind her.

After just a time of fellowship, talking, showing pictures of grandchildren, etc., we gathered around the dining room table for pie. At left is Frank Gudger's back, then l-r: Norman Petty, Laddie Rollins, Nancy and Gary Bonds. In the right image the circle includes Sue and Warren Woolf and Babs Gudger. Somehow I missed Barbara Petty.

This is a remarkable community of faith which has endured so many years, born under the leadership of Warren and Sue. Even if we haven't seen each other for a long time, we jump in and talk like it was yesterday.

Jeff and family visit

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