Trip to Washington, D.C.

June 8 -13, 2002

One of the highlights of our trip was a visit to Clayton and Ellen Teague, two of our dearest friends from graduate school days at Georgia Tech.

We drove out to their home in Gaithersburg, MD after the meeting was over on Tuesday and spent the night with them. Ellen prepared a fabulous meal for us and we stayed up and talked until after midnight. It's hard to put into words the joy of renewing the relationship with these friends who share so many ideals and values with us. It was good to hear of their continued investment and excitement about their Christian community at their church. Clayton shared with us about an in-depth Bible study their class is doing, and Ellen is still very busy with her position with the Baptist World Alliance.

We arose early and Ellen made a great breakfast for us, even though she had to get ready to go to work. We stayed around a while longer with Clayton to share about gardening, and to share about what is going on in our lives. We finally took off about 10 AM, feeling very much uplifted and encouraged from the fellowship with these dear friends.

Leaving the D.C. area, we drove down I-95 to Rocky Mount, NC to visit with Ron and Linda Jones, another set of dear friends from graduate school. Clayton, Ron and Rod had been in some of the same graduate courses, and Rod joked with Clayton that they should get together some electricity and magnetism problems so that he and Ron could stay up all night working them. One of the times that the three of them and their wives got together was for the guys to work on their E&M homework problems for the graduate course in electricity and magnetism. Those sessions often went into the wee hours.

Ron and Linda have both retired, and actually have rocking chairs on the front porch, but it didn't sound like they had had much time to sit in them. They had found a house near their daughter Susan and their two grandchildren and were enjoying the time they spent with the grandchildren.

Ron had also bought a sailboat as part of his passage into retirement, but had not had time to go out in it yet. Hmm! Maybe I can get up to help him break it in.

It was again an uplifting experience to share with old friends - it's amazing that you just jump right into conversations as if we had seen each other yesterday. And we could share frankly and openly about our concerns of life, knowing of the deep good will which we have for one another after all these years of friendship.

Another amazing thing was that all three couples were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversaries within a month or so of each other this spring.

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