Celebration After Jeff's Graduation

May 18, 2002

Darla and Jordan join Jeff in the celebration on the plaza after the graduation ceremony.

We did our best to navigate and keep track of the children in the crowd.

It was a good time for Jeff to introduce us to friends and co-workers. Both sides of the family enjoyed meeting Jeannie Barber from his office.

We tried for some family pictures after the graduation on the nice lawn of the Chapel. Ashleigh and Jordan were glad to be loose from the confinement of the ceremony.

We all gathered at Jeff's house after the graduation ceremony for lunch. Jeff and Leslie Moyle with Bethany joined us there. Then those of us who had driven all night retreated for a nap in the afternoon.

We gathered at Drago's for a celebration dinner early in the evening. In addition to the Nave and Moyle families, Austin and Stacy Ammonet and Marty Dye joined us.

By the time we got the babies home, they were fast asleep. It had been a great day, but those of us who had been up all night were not far behind Ashleigh and Jordan in being sound asleep.

Breakfast at Le Madeline's

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