Sunday Picnic and Hike at Sweetwater

March 2, 2003

We decided to go to Sweetwater Park for a picnic after church, even though it was a bit cool and windy.

Ashleigh and Jordan literally jumped for joy when Mark and Cindi arrived with the dogs, Sugarbear and Frankie.

Mark, Jeff and Marty got in a bit of football as the picnic lunch was being laid out. Ashleigh and Jordan enjoyed playing with the dogs.

Darla, Jeff, Mark and Cindi gathered for the picnic lunch at one of the pavilions at Sweetwater. It was cool enough that coffee was the preferred beverage. Sherry had provided a very nice barbeque lunch.

Marty takes Jordan for a walk along the fence. Jordan has excellent coordination and is enjoying climbing and walking.

We took off on a hike along Sweetwater Creek to the old factory. Jordan was delighted to be the line leader, and just to get out to hike and climb.

Jordan had a ball climbing on the rocks near the water with Jeff.

There was lots to see in the woods, from growths on the trees to the evidence of a very busy woodpecker. Rocks to climb and a time to celebrate.

We traveled the wooden walkways overlooking the Factory Shoals.

To the Factory and beyond

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