Sarah Hobson Takes the Bronze Medal in the Junior Olympics in Atlanta

Jun 30- July 3, 2004

On July 2 we watched Sarah Hobson, age 8, take the bronze medal in the Junior Olympics Taekwondo Championships. The competition was at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

We had been looking forward to the arrival of Stephen Hobson and his family for 8yr-old Sarah's participation in the Junior Olympics. We picked up Stephen, Marsha, Sarah and Joshua at the airport about 6pm on June 30.

We drove to downtown Atlanta to swing by the huge Georgia Dome where the competitions were to be held.

The Dome is in a large complex which includes the Phillips Arena and the CNN Center.

Also in the area are the World Congress Center and the Omni Hotel. In the background here is the 72-floor, round Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel. On Thursday, Brenda took them to the Sundial Room at the top of it for lunch. She had dropped them off early for Sarah's weigh-in at the Omni Hotel. She went to work for a couple of hours and came back to pick them up for lunch.

In the Sundial Room on the 72nd floor for lunch. Sarah and Joshua have beany babies they have picked up along the way. They had a nice lunch with Brenda and got to see the city from that height as the restaurant revolves while they eat.

From this high perspective, Sarah got to see the Georgia Dome over the CNN Center and Omnni Hotel. She was to compete there the next day.

Stephen and Marsha and the youngsters on the 72nd floor with the top of the Georgia Pacific Building just behind them.

Sarah and Joshua enjoyed a trip on MARTA.

Getting off MARTA at the nearest station to the Dome, they got another perspective of how big it is. By this time they had a good idea of where to be and when for the big competition tomorrow.

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