Easter in New Orleans

April 9-11, 2004

Back at home after the trip to Atlanta, Jordon is in full swing with the dyeing of easter eggs.

Ashleigh lifts out a colored egg, under the watchful eye of Darla.

Reading is very important to both girls. They have probably been read to almost every day of their lives. Ashleigh can read most of the words in her books now, and enjoys trying to read magazines.

With their bear blanket as background and Easter flowers for accessories, Jordan and Ashleigh make a fine pair on Easter Sunday morning.

After church there is a family gathering at the Moyles and another Easter egg hunt.

Diane helps Caleb with his first Easter egg hunt. The whole family fans out over t he Moyle yard in search of the colorful eggs.

Ashleigh seems to have found the whole process to be extremely satisfying. I think her sentiments were shared by the rest of the family.

Easter Sunday School Pictures

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