New Orleans, Memorial Day Weekend

May 28, 2004

Greek Festival

For the third year in a row, we attended the Greek Festival, a favorite event for Jeff and Darla. Dave and Judy joined us this year. It is held at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral. At left is the mural over the double wooden doors.

We spread a blanket on the grass next to the canal and had a Greek dinner. Ashleigh and Jordan played games, climbed the climbing wall, and danced to the Greek music.

Ashleigh and Jordan had their faces painted by the Greek ladies in the game area.

There were activities and games all around the cathedral, but much of the crowd settled on the grass next to the canal.

Jordan went up the small climbing wall and hung onto the top. She wasn't heavy enough to try the big wall. Ashleigh went up the big wall, but she seemed to enjoy the rappelling back down the wall much more than the climb up.

These two Greek dancers started the dancing to the music of a five piece band. Soon they were joined by a whole circle of dancers. The band included the unique string instruments shown above right.

They welcomed Ashleigh and Jordan and other children onto the dance floor and patiently guided them in the process.

Hmm! Maybe we're now getting down to the real reason for going to the Greek Festival. Greek pastries! The bakklava and other sweet things are always a big attraction.

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