New Life in the Springtime

May, 2004

Jeff sent this image in an email on May 10. Can you guess?

We have enjoyed the emergence of spring with its new life. This yellow violet is in our front yard.

Two pairs of cardinals have visited us a lot this spring. This dramatic male has gotten quite friendly, coming to the feeder on the glass at the end of the den.

This female cardinal is sitting in the leaves of the oak tree just outside our window.

Mother nuthatch feeds a hungry youngster. Whoa! The young one is bigger than Mama! Building it's baby fat has made Mama slim and trim.

I think the shot below catches both parents in the act of feeding the young bird on the left.

The hungry young nuthatch waits impatiently on the tree for Mama to bring lunch.

Mama nuthatch makes another trip to the suet feeder just below. Flying up to the tree, she meets the eager youngster.

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