RA Overnight to Bent Tree

April 18-19, 2008

We headed out from MFB Church to Bent Tree at 6pm on Friday, April 18 for an overnight with the RAs and family members. Brenda had prepared hotdogs and dhili, and Maria helped her serve. Kevin Lopez gets a hotdog above and Paco Nava at left is ready for a couple.

The weather was pleasant and it was still light enough for the boys to eat out on the deck. Angel, Luis, Corey Tyson, Christian Luna, Paco Nava.

Paco and Kevin get into a chess match after supper, with Francisco Nava and Christian watching.

Paco concentrates on his move.

Downstairs an active ping-pong tournament was going on. Javier was hard to beat - in fact nobody beat him.

We played ping-pong and other games until about 11:30 before settling the boys in for the night. It poured rain during the night and everyone seemed to sleep well.

In the morning we were surrounded by a dense fog with the mountain in the clouds. The boys gathered for breakfast.

Breakfast in the clouds.

Brenda had a good time visiting with Maria, who spoke very clear English and was a great help with the preparations.

The fog and rain persisted into the morning, but everyone seemed to enjoy playing Uno or chess or pingpong.

The rain stopped, and though it was still dripping wet on the mountainside, Corey, Luis and I couldn't stand it any longer and explored a little up the steep slope behind the house to see the new flowers. You can't get a fresher yellow violet than this.


We found bloodroot and trilium plants, shown at left, but they were not yet in bloom. The boys asked the key question "Why do you call it bloodroot?"

So of course I had to dig one up and cut it to show them.

Finally, weather for a hike.

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