RA Racer Derby

February 13, 2008

The track is set up in the upper breezeway and Wayne Tyson and Rod check final alignment of the track. Wayne tips the starting gate and we are off on the 2008 RA Racer Derby!

The starting line is a busy place with Wayne starting the races, Rod recording winners, and Johnny Huffman and Jason Medina checking car weights.

The cars are lined up for style judging as well as speed.

Johnny and Stan are at the finish line to judge the winners. It is not easy! Some of the races are very close.

This is Scottie's night to join us, so he enjoyed joining in on the race. Wayne, Jason and Johnny look on.

Christopher Saurez and Kevin Lopez place their cars for one of the final races.

The winners line up for the presentation of the prizes. Rod presents an award of a flashlight to Grayson Bartlett. The flashlight refers to Jesus' instruction to us that we are to be the salt of the Earth and the light of the world,

2008 RA Racer Derby Winners
Lads (Grades 1-3)
1st: Chano Medina1st: Grayson Bartlett
2nd: Grayson Bartlett2nd: Christopher Suarez
Crusaders (Grades 4-6)
1st: Fallah McLean1st: Cory Tyson
2nd: Gent Memishi2nd: Gent Memishi
Open Class
1st: Kevin Lopez1st: Jason Medina
2nd: Stan Johnson2nd: Kevin Lopez

We also recognized younger brother McCabe for running the hotwheels race.

Cory and Christopher and others bargain for different colors of flashlights, but in general they like the flashlights as prizes. Maybe they hear the message about Royal Ambassadors being "light" in the World.

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