Winter 2008

It wasn't a big snow, but on January 16 it snowed fairly heavily from about 3pm till about 7 pm and accumulated a couple of inches. That is more snow than we have had in the past couple of years.

Noticing that the bird feeders were empty, I ran out in fairly thick snowfall to put out birdseed. Within minutes this feeder in the back yard was surrounded by over a dozen birds. The other feeders got heavy use as well in the hour or so before dark.

On Saturday, January 19 we again had snow with about the same amount of accumulation. We enjoyed seeing the birds coming to the bird feeders. The titmouse and the red house finch are familiar visitors.

Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal seem to like the roof of the shed as a staging area.

Our snowy neighborhood along Moody Lane across our front yard. This is quite unusual in the Atlanta area.

The view up South Dillon as we headed out to Don and Betty Hammonds for the Ga Tech BSU social.

We drove to Avondale Estates to another nice snow-covered neighborhood. Betty had prepared a wonderful lunch and we got to visit with old friends. Brenda with Sue and Warren Woolf.

Aubrey Bush, Rod, and Norman Petty have conversation in the kitchen while other groups were catching up on things in the living room - the kind of conversations old friends have. Present were Norman and Barbara Petty, Aubrey and Carol Bush, Charles and Merle Griffin, Warren and Sue and the Hammonds. We didn't take many pictures because we were too busy talking.

It was a relaxing afternoon to just watch the gentle, and unusual, snowfall into the back yard. Simple things like the accumulation of snow on a limb are beautiful to us partly because they are so unusual.

The quince is always our first shrub to flower, and perhaps it was fooled by the warm days we have had. But it was neat to see it flowering in the snow.

Uncle Albert's Birthday Celebration

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