Gathering for Graveside Service

March 7, 2009

The Hobson family gathered at Monument Hill cemetary west of Woodland, California for the graveside service. It is set in the middle of wide open fields with a snowcapped mountain in the distance. Wanda is joined on the front row by Charles' brother Harold Hobson, his wife Elma, and Charlie and Becky Wheeler. On the second row are Marsha and Joshua Hobson and Bob's daughter Missy.

Brenda with Charles' sister Patricia.

The young ones wanted to run on the deep grass, and Will has to go and retreive Benjamin and Madilyn from some distance away. Mom is waiting for Madilyn as Will brings her back.

Fawn brings Kenneth, the newest member of the family to visit with Dasha and Danielle. Mary and John behind.

Mary provides flowers to place on the casket with the help of Danielle and Dasha. Above, Sherree and Wanda place flowers in remembrance.

My understanding is that when the discussion came up about bringing flowers to the casket, Dasha and Danielle were the ones who said that it must be yellow roses. Danielle is carrying around the picture of Charles that was displayed at the viewing.

Below, Heather and Fawn come to place their yellow roses.

Celebration service at the church

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