Pearl River Exploring

May 26, 2009

Tuesday morning was a good time for exploring with Ashleigh and Jordan.

They wanted to show me their "playhouse", being somewhat mysteriously secretive around Elyse. They took me down to the vacant lot at the corner of Holmes Street and showed me the large oak stump and hollow base that they called their "playhouse" and then gave me a tour of that large lot, showing me the evidence of the house that once stood there. We looked at lots of plants, including the camellia bush that had the bloom and bud shown above. Other shrubs were left from that house, but there were lots of wild plants like the blooming plant at right.

Jordan and I decided to stay and pick wild blackberries when Ashleigh left to ride her bicycle back home. We got a nice cup full of blackberries, plus a few scratches of course.

Jordan was still keen on exploring, so we walked down to the far end of Holmes St. at the swamp for her to show me the area they had explored down there. I was all in favor of that because I was enjoying the blooming of the small wildflowers of the area.

One particularly pleasing find was a small shrub with remarkably intricate small yellow blossums about a centimeter across.

It was great to find one of God's intricate sculptures down at the end of the street by the swamp. And it was good to just have some time to explore with Jordan as our visit came to a close.

In Memory of Denise

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