Georgia Tech BSU Alumni Group at Laddie and Becky Rollins'

April 25, 2009

Laddie and Becky Rollins greet Norman Petty and Frank Gudger as they arrive for the Georgia Tech BSU Alumni fellowhip at the Rollins' home in the Skylake community north of Suches, Georgia. It was very close to a hundred mile drive for us, but we had a beautiful day to enjoy it.

It is always a time of joy when this group of old friends gets together. Nancy Bonds, Barbara Petty and Brenda greet one another on the back deck of the Rollins house, which overlooks the beautiful wooded hills.

Our last gathering had been at Nancy's house in January.

Norman Petty and Becky Rollins in the kitchen and dining area, which had been prepared beautifully for our gathering.

We celebrated the arrival of Sue and Warren Woolf, our beloved mentors from our student days 50 years ago!

Bob and Mildred Petty arrived and Sue greets Mildred as Laddie greets Bob.

Brenda talks with Warren on the deck as Norman greets Bob.

Norman, Henry Fields and Laddie on the deck, with Warren enjoying the fellowship from the corner.

Henry, Laddie and Frank Gudger.

Bob Petty joins the conversation on the deck with Laddie and Frank.

Barbara Petty, Nancy Bonds and Becky Rollins are putting together some tasty pizzas.

Now we have all eight ladies in the kitchen - something good is bound to come out of this! Barbara Petty, Sue Woolf, Brenda Nave, Nancy Bonds, Becky Rollins, Betty Fields, Mildred Petty, Babs Gudger.

We did indeed enjoy greatly the results of the ladies efforts, and also the time of conversation that followed. Norman Petty, Don Hammonds, Warren and Sue, Bob Petty.

Henry, Frank and Rod were on the other end of the table. Henry and Frank were contemporaries at Tech, and our conversation was far-ranging.

Although there was a lot of fun in the conversation, it reached the depths which can only be plumbed when there has been a longtime deep friendship and trust. That depth and trust is a characteristic of this group like no other I know.

We got the Pettys and the Fields together for a picture for the benefit of a member of the Petty's family who had been married by Henry while he was pastor in Waycross, without knowing that Bob and Mildred had known Henry since the Tech years.

Thanks, Laddie and Becky, for a wonderful get-together!!

Alaska work team reunion.

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