Birds in the Springtime

April 18, 2009

Of the birds that come to our bird feeders, one of my favorites is the tiny brown-headed nuthatch. They are very bold and agile, and have a squeeking call that sounds like a hummingbird.

We see a lot of chickadees, but this one is no dependent on our feeders. I caught him with a worm.

We also love the downy woodpeckers. She is doing her security routine on the tree before coming down to the suet feeder.

I spent some time experimenting to catch this carpenter bee in flight.

A pair of young brown finches come to the window sill. They are part of what we call the "finch mob". They vary from brown to red with a few goldfinches mixed in. They are very efficient shellers of sunflower seeds and can empty our window feeder in a few hours.

Ga Tech BSU Alumni meet at Rollins home.

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