Boy Scout Troop 531 Reunion

May 22, 2010

We enjoyed a reunion of Scout Troop 531. Help me identify folks - they have changed a lot since I knew them in their early teens ( L-R: Jim Harmon, Frank Bomar,Randy Halleck, P J Jefferson, Brad Crane, David Human, Dale Harmon, David Martin, Jimmy Harmon, Todd Hobbs (behind), Marty Martin, DeWayne Wilkerson, Bill Bomar, Corey Harmon, Mike McMahan, ?.?,Scott Allen,?,Cliff McMahan.

This is a photo of the troop with the old Blue Goose van, taken probably in the 80's. Any detail would be appreciated.

This is a photo of the troop taken December 20, 1981 for the purpose of making a calendar. There are still some of those calendars floating around.

The reunion was held at the pavilion of the Clinton Nature Preserve off Ephesus Church Road in Douglasville (Winston area). Thanks to all the ladies who brought a great spread of food.


Enjoying an old album of their Cub Scout years.

Frank Bomar kept the coffee pot on a Coleman stove going the whole time. Shooting the bull with Jimmy Harmon, Bill Bomar and Corey Harmon.

We jumped right back into telling tall tales about scout campouts, with Jim Harmon telling his share of the tales.

Memorial Day visit to Pearl River

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