Another nice snow

February 12, 2010

Rod was flushed out of the swimming pool at Georgia State as the University decided to close at noon because of the impending snow. We had heard that we might have snow, but as we had lunch after Rod got home, there was no sign of snow.
But as we finished lunch, the snow began coming down gently. Rod went out to feed the birds, and in 20 minutes time the snow had gotten harder and was turning the ground white.

The snow was soft and wet and the large flakes stuck to the tree limbs to create a winter wonderland. A rare thing for our backyard.

As the snow kept coming down heavily, DJ and Kayla and a couple of young friends enjoyed playing and having a snowball fight in our front yard because the snow was deeper there.

The front azaleas were soon bowing down with the snow as it turned the whole neighborhood white.

Despite the snow, we decided to go ahead with out planned Sunday School social for anyone who wanted to get out. The roads were clear, and we gather four couples at Pasta Bella for a nice meal and fellowship together. Around the table are Doug and Kelly Brandon, Brenda, Karla Ayers across from Chris Ayers, Rod, and Laura and Greg Ervin.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

With the temperature in the low twenties, the snow was crisp and frozen in the morning and we enjoyed tramping around in it.

The snow in the front yard was glistening white in the early morning sunshine.

Brenda prys Rod out from behind the camera to take a picture by the azaleas in the front yard.

With the blue sky this morning, the snowladen trees in the sunlight made spectacular sights.

Brenda by the front azaleas after going to the mailbox.

At breakfast we thoroughly enjoyed watching the birds coming to the feeders. They landed on the snow-covered limbs of the nearby trees to line up for the feeders.

In the front yard we had the glistening snow-covered limbs against the blue sky, and in the back yard we had the whole menagerie of squirrels and birds to watch.

Pretty deep snow this squirrel is getting into. Almost to his chin whiskers. Our observation is that these southern squirrels are not all that keen on getting out into the snow.

The goldfinches were like little balls of feathers as they fluffed out their feathers against the cold.

We collected a large flock of goldfinches, two to three dozen along with dozens of other birds, so the back yard was busy.

The sun was shining brightly through the snow on the limbs toward the east, so it was clear that it would be melting off today. But it was fun while it lasted.

The chickadees were an active part of the mix of birds this morning, as well as the dark-backed migratory birds at right. We only see the dark-backed species at this time of year, but have seen large flocks of them in the past and only small groups this year. I talked with someone who had seen a large flock locally though.

The squirrels are usually not keen on getting out in the snow, but apparently they were hungry this morning and were bouncing about the yard.

This squirrel was out early, foraging in the deep snow.

Our 3 to 4 inches of show was nothing compared to the feet of snow that our northern neighbors got, but it had to look like a blizzard to this squirrel. He is certainly not used to this kind of weather in the Atlanta area.

Partly because of its rarity, the snow collected on the limbs of all the trees was a thing of great beauty to us.

Saturday was clear, and the patches of blue that we could see through the snowy branches below told us the snow would not be there long. So we played in it and enjoyed it while we had it.

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