Awana Group Pictures

April 3, 2013

Karla Ayers and Shellie Wagner with Cubbies.

Lisa Braun with the Kindergarten Group.

Lorraine Shaw and Penny Skibba with First Grade.

Rod Nave, Heather Daniell, and Barbara Porter with Second Grade.

Billy Ridgway and Brenda Speight with the Third Grade.

Joe Burkhardt with Fourth Grade

John Ford and Gary Oxendine with Fifth Grade.

Jennifer Byrd and Shellie Wagner with Kindergarten group.

Penny Skibba and Lorraine Shaw with First Graders.

Rod Nave with Second Graders

Barbara Porter with Second Graders.

Heather Daniell with Second Graders

Billy Ridgway with Third Graders

Johnny Huffman with Third Graders

Renee Oxendine with Fourth Graders

Joe Burkhardt with Fourth Graders

Gary Oxendine with Fifth Graders

John Ford with Fifth Graders

Kim Smith with Fifth Graders

Fifth Graders with Ricky Ridgway

Tech BSU Alumni at the Gudger's

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