Sunday School Social at the Hanthorn's

March 10, 2013

A relaxed and happy time was had by all at this informal lunch and fellowship at Greg and Judy Hanthorn's. Here Jennifer Byrd, Chris Ebert, Kim White, and Roger and Edna Goldsborough circle the dining room table.

Enjoying the meal around the kitchen table were CW: Doug Brandon, Lalie and Tony Mode, Pastor Stephen Byrd, Roger Speight, Keith Weaver and Kelley Brandon.

In the living room were Betsy Weaver, Chris and Karla Ayers.

Also settled in the living room were Brenda Speight, Kim and Jeff White. Vickie Baker, behind, is still in the process of getting her food.

Mike Anthony at the nice buffet in the kitchen.

Greg gets out his juggling pins to entertain the children outside. Anna Grace looks afraid that he might conk himself on the head -- or maybe she's worried about her head!

They quickly find that he is an old hand at this, and can relax and enjoy it.

Greg collected quite a crowd as the children enjoyed being outside on this beautiful afternoon. It was a very pleasant occasion. Thanks to Greg and Judy for their hospitality.

Easter Sunday

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