Casual Pictures of Awana

May 21, 2014

Johnny Huffman checks in the kids for Awana.

Ready to enter for the pledges to the flags and Bible.

Jon Rowland's group.

Billy Ridgway with his group.

Jesslyn Frater with Aubrey.

Ruth Floyd with her group.

Rhonda Short with her group.

Lorraine Shaw and Barbara Porter with the First Graders. Brenda and Rod Nave also worked with this group.

Heather Daniell with her group.

The 5th graders visit the Youth assembly since they will be in the Youth group in the Fall. Chris Ebert and Johnny Huffman with them.

Johnny Huffman with some of the 5th graders

The First Graders kick up their heels on the way out to recreation time.

More spring activities

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