Tech BSU Gathering at the Petty's

January 18, 2014

Thanks to Norman and Barbara Petty for hosting the first Georgia Tech BSU alumni group meeting of the year. On a cold clear day, Barbara had prepared three delicious varieties of soup and we had a wonderful time of fellowship. We had been together on October 19 and were remembering our birthday party for Sue back in the summer.

We were delighted that Sue Woolf could be with us. She is with Merle Griffin on the left and Brenda Nave, Betty Hammonds and Babs Gudger.

The group gathered in the Petty home with hugs and smiles and excited conversation.

There was so much conversation that Barbara had trouble getting our attention to tell us about lunch.

Finally she got the group headed toward the pots of soup. Charles Griffin, Frank Gudger, Merle Griffin, Brenda Nave, Mary Tanner, Nancy Bonds, Sam Shelton.

Sam Shelton, Laddie Rollins, Brenda Nave, Merle & Charles Griffin and Norman Petty settled at the kitchen table.
At the dining room table were Aubrey and Carol Bush, Babs Gudger, Jim Tanner, Frank Gudger, Nancy Bonds, Sue Woolf and Mary Tanner.

After lunch we had a lot of fun with a special proclamation for Norman having completed (With Distinction!) a course from Georgia Tech taught by Sam. One of the reasons this was notable was that Sam and Norman were roommates at Georgia Tech as undergraduates fifty-something years ago! Sam is teaching a MOOC on energy, Energy 101, online.

Frank and Don and all those in the kitchen joined in the fun. It was a great time of fellowship as usual for this group which has known each other for over fifty years.

Becky, who is enjoying a photography course at her church, tries a long-distance shot of Barbara and Nancy with Jim's telephoto lens.

Nancy is also cultivating an interest in photography, so she and Becky had a great coach in Jim Tanner. We all enjoy his posting of his "Photo Friends" photos of birds and other wildlife at Big Canoe.

This was a relaxed and enjoyable gathering of old friends, and we again thank Barbara and Norman for bringing us together again.

Snow comes to Atlanta

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