Chili Supper with Sunday School Class

Friday, January 10, 2014

We had a chili supper for the Sunday School class, and had probably 8 pots of chili and lots of sides and desserts. It was great fun to get together.

Part of the group settled in the breakfast area. John and Robin Ford are at the end of the table.

This was a family social, so the young folks came along. Some of them were shy, some not.

More folks gathered to fill this table. Betsy Weaver, Lalie and Tony Mode, John and Robin Ford, Brenda, Barry and Kim Krebs, Jesslyn Frater.

Gathering at the dining room table were Brenda and Roger Speight, Al and Janet Vineyard, Vicki and Joe Baker.

After supper, the youth retired to the basement to play pool.

The pool game drew players and observers, and we showed "Monsters University" while this was going on.

It takes good concentration to shoot with all this going on.

It was good to see the pool table get some use. We very much enjoyed it years ago when Jeff's group used it a lot.

The ladies had an active gathering in the living room to talk about how to encourage the women's ministry and to sign cards for the church's shut-ins.

The men meanwhile gathered in about three groups for conversation. The group totaled 37 persons. It was all great fun.

Georgia Tech BSU alumni gathering

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