Georgia Tech BSU Alumni Gathering, Hiawassee

April 25-27, 2014

Saturday Dinner

Our largest gathering was for dinner at the Chophouse, just down the hill from the Chatuge Lodge. There we got a view of both the mountains and the lake. The meal was a great time for visiting, and then we returned to our 3rd floor meeting room and continued the visiting until late.

Sue Woolf was of course our Guest of Honor and we were all delighted to see her. Bill had brought her up in the afternoon and we had gotten to visit with her in our meeting room before dinner.

Nancy and John Baxley

Bettie and Wendell Barfield

Nancy & Tom Jones, Betty & Henry Fields

Henry Fields, Bob Petty, Jane and Ray Shirley

Bill and Beth Norman

Ron and Linda Jones, Melanie and Gary Bechdol

Andy and Alice Blake

Mary Tanner, Elaine & Dick Whisnant, Jim Tanner

R.B. Coulter, Bill Nowell, Brenda Nave

Gwen and Art Sherwood

Leland Strange and Rogers Redding

Nancy Bonds and Sam Shelton

Charlie & Wynelle Middlebrooks, Judy & Tommy Bonds

Charlie & Wynelle Middlebrooks, Judy & Tommy Bonds

Frank and Babs Gudger

Oliver and Lindsay Albrecht

Leroy and Frances Hendricks

Carol and Aubrey Bush

Ellen and Clayton Teague

Jerry Orr and Gil Gibson

Warren Skinner, Bill Miller, Norman Petty

Barbara Petty, Carol and Walt McKinney, Warren Skinner

Laddie and Becky Rollins

Jim and Gail Green

Duncan and Jan Sinclair

Barbara and Tom Durrett

The fellowship continued after dinner with conversation groups all around the big meeting room on the third floor of the Lodge. We had an abundance of desserts there as well. Nancy Baxley, Ellen Teague, Linda Jones and Brenda Nave.

Ron Jones, John Baxley, Rod Nave, Clayton Teague.

Beginning of Hiawassee Tech BSU Gathering
Mark's steelworking projects

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