Ashleigh's Graduation

May 11, 2016

Ashleigh's graduation ceremony from Pearl River High School was held at Northshore Harbor Center south of Slidell. Darla and Jeff were given many reasons to be proud as Ashleigh won many honors.

The family converged from all directions into the crowded auditorium for the graduation. Ashleigh's grandmothers Judy Moyle and Brenda Nave above, and Brenda with Cindi Jordan and Mark Nave. Cindi and Mark's visit was a surprise to Ashleigh this afternoon and added to the joy of the occasion.

From Asheigh's generation: Elyse Nave, Lindsey Moyle, Jonathan Ringo, Bethany Moyle, Jessica Ringo and friend.

The family filled most of two rows, but this was all of the pictures I got as the crowding increased. Tom and Debbie Ringo, Jeff and Leslie Moyle, Jordan Nave and Jeff Nave were with us.

As things got underway, we saw Darla before we saw Ashleigh, because as a teacher at Pearl River High School she was a part of the faculty processional that preceded the students. We couldn't see her for the remainder of the program because the group of graduates were between us and her position in the faculty.

When the student procession started, we saw Ashleigh quickly because she was one of the top ten graduates who as a group led the processional. Those top ten honor graduates stood on the stage next to the group of invited guests.

The 10 honor graduates stood on stage and watched the filling in or the rest of the 138 graduates on the floor.

Ashleigh and Annemarie Barbier were the co-valedictorians.

This was our perspective of the honor graduates on the stage in front of their classmates. In the view above, Pearl River Principal Mike Winkler is on the right.

Early in the program the honor graduates were moved to line them up across the stage for special recognition.

The 10 honor graduates were spaced across the front of the stage.

Ashleigh receives her Outstanding Graduate award from Principal Mike Winkler.

Only Ashleigh and the other co-valedictorian had all four top honor symbols by their names on the program.

The 10 honor graduates were spaced across the front of the stage.

Principal Winkler presented the medals to each of the outstanding graduates spaced across the front of the stage. A description of the achievements of each of these graduates was read.

Ashleigh moves to the floor to line up for the presenting of diplomas.

Ashleigh moving toward the stage for the awarding of the diploma.

Filally the awarding of the diploma by Principal Winkler.

Moving on to the congratulations of teachers and fellow students and family and everyone.

Suddenly the air is filled with hats and the graduation ceremony is over! We finally get to see Darla again as she processes out with the faculty.

Celebrating with family and friends in the crowded lobby, Ashleigh poses with Grandma Brenda and Grammy Judy. Then she gets surrounded by other cameras.

Ashleigh with the Moyle family: Bethany, Lindsey, Leslie and Jeff.

Ashleigh with the Ringo family: Tom, Jessica, Debbie and Jonathan.

Ashleigh with Jordan and Elyse above and with Granddad Rod and Grandma Brenda at right. Ashleigh was very gracious about submitting to pictures after the ceremony. It was a happy time.

Ashleigh with friend Alex

Ashleigh with Grammy Judy. We then made our way to Judy's home for further refreshements and celebration.

Elyse's Classroom Awards

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