Elyse as the Lion in Drama

May 10, 2016

This is the cast of play about the lion, the mice and the hunters. These are the players in the theater group directed by Ms Diana LaSalla, taken from Riverside Elementary, Sixth Ward Elementary, and Creekside Middle School. They were here to stage the drama for the children of Sixth Ward Elementary. We had seen members of the group before when we watched the drama of Narcissus in November 2015.

We drove to Riverside School and checked Elyse out to take her to Sixth Ward Elementary several miles north on Hwy 41, a location we had passed many times on our way to Abita Springs. The actors helped set up the stage, and we helped a bit to clear and clean the lunchroom where all the children had eaten lunch. Then the troup practiced in the empty lunchroom.

At about 1pm lines of kids started streaming in both doors until the room was packed with rows youngsters seated on the floor. The drama director, Ms LaSalla, introduced the drama to them and encouraged them to consider participation in drama.

The opening song was about the jungle. These singers include three mice, and three hunters. Both groups are unaware of the sleeping lion behind them.

Suddenly the lion is awake and roaring!

But maybe this will be alright. After the roaring entry, the lion calms down and joins the jungle song.

The lion is sleepy and lies down to take a nap, but the curious mice decide to investigate.

The mice approach, and go over to poke at the sleeping lion!

Oh no! The lion is going savage again! A lion rampage has got to be terrifying if you are a mouse.

The lion's rampage took her out into the audience.

With roars up and down the center aisle, the lion certainly had the crowd's attention.

Hmm! The expressions on the children's faces do not seem to be expressions of terror at the presence of this ferocious beast.

Nowthe mouse chase is on! How dare those mice to disturb the lion's nap!

Caught! After the chase, the mice are now in the lion's captivity. Is all lost for them?

All they can do is beg for mercy, and hope the lion will spare them.

After their requests are made and they talk, the lion decides to forgive them this time, and releases them. They promise to help the lion, but the lion does not see that their help would ever be needed.

It doesn't take long for the need to arise as three hunters discover the sleeping lion.

The hunters netted the sleeping lion and marched off to brag of their conquest.

The mice arrive and discover the plight of the lion.

The mice make good their promise to help by chewing the lion out of the net.

The lion is released just as the hunters return to gloat over their capture.

After chasing off the hunters, the lion came back to thank the mice for helping her as they had promised.

In the end, the lion agreed to live in peace with both the mice and the hunters.

The members of the drama team took a bow before the appreciative packed house of kids.

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