Jeff and Family Visit

February 5-9, 2016

We looked forward to the visit from Jeff and the family in what we think of as our Mardi Gras blessing. Having never paid much attention to Mardi Gras, we now eagerly await it because with both schools and the Seminary closed, it gives them the opportunity for a trip to visit us.

After a relaxed breakfast, Marty came up and the whole breakfast area was filled with delightful chatter as we all tried to catch up on what was happening with each other.

We try to be mindful of their busy schedules at home and to provide opportunity for relaxing on their visits here. But some work must be done, and Jordan helps with the large stack of papers to be graded that Darla brought with her. The dining room table provides space for both Jeff and Darla's laptops so they can wirelessly keep in touch.

Sunday, February 7

Sunday after church was a good opportunity for a family picture. Elyse, Darla, Jordan and Ashleigh gather around Jeff.

We were delighted that Mark could come out after lunch. He had been working 6 & 7 days a week, and at one time in the fall worked 38 days straight! This is a high pressure production of a television series that is supposed to premiere in May.

After Mark gets a hug from everyone, maybe he'll be able to get a bite to eat!

Now a hug from Jordan. And it was good to get Jeff and Mark together. It doesn't happen that often these days.

Mark finally does get some food, so he won't starve because of all this affection.
Uh Oh! He's got a gun! Jeff drags our his car bag that he carries when he rides with the Slidell Police, usually on Friday nights. Having finished the Police Academy, he is fully certified and carries a tactical bag even though he is serving as Chaplain for the force.

Besides a lot of firearm training and practice, Jeff has learned a lot about police tactics and technology. From his fully equipped bag he was showing us the tourniquets that all the police carry now and what they have learned about applying them. They have saved a lot of lives.

After finishing his sabbatical term, Jeff is back teaching full time at the Seminary, but still very much engaged as Chaplain for the Slidell Police Department.

Mark was facing a 4am call on the set, even after having worked yesterday, so we had to get him together with Elyse, Jordan and Ashleigh before he had to leave. It had been a good time of fellowship.

After a final round of photos and hugs, Mark had to be off to get some much-needed sleep. But it had been great to get the family together for the afternoon.

Visit to Atlanta Aquarium

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