Vacation Bible School "Submerged"

June 5-9, 2016

Grade 1

Leaders Amber Speight, Brenda Speight, Lorraine Shaw

Lorraine with her Grade 1 group starts with music on Sunday, June 5.

Singing along on the "Submerged" music with Heather and Kelly.

Gathered for a mission study with Jennifer Ridgway.

Craft time with Elaine Ridgway and Evie Mode. Brenda Speight accompanies as leader.

Continuing a busy craft time with Billy Ridgway and Ricky Ridgway helping along with Lorraine Shaw and Amber Speight.

Building a periscope is a detailed task, particularly if you then add decorations.

Bible study with Roger and Jesslyn Frater

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VBS 2016 Group Photos

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