Zion National Park

This was the first overlook we came to when we entered Zion National Park from Bryce. The rock formations were huge and majestic, but the temperature was about 98°F. This photo is taken from the overlook, and our van can be seen in the parking lot below the viewpoint. August 10, 1982.

Checkerboard Mesa

Checkerboard Mesa is one of the best known features in Zion National Park. This picture doesn't do it justice - from one overlook, you can see a whole set of horizontal and vertical fissures, laying the surface out in squares which look like a checkerboard. August 10, 1982.

Rock Wall in Zion National Park

August 10, 1982.

East Temple Mountain, Zion National Park

August 10, 1982.

Roadside View, Zion National Park

August 10, 1982.

Desert Area Nearing Las Vegas

This was a view along the highway as we neared Las Vegas. To the left are irrigated hay fields and in the distance are arid mountains. Behind us are mountains, hinted at by the image in the rear view mirror. The desert was quite beautiful, but the heat at about 105F was very unpleasant. August 10, 1982.

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