Sequoia and Kings Canyon

Coffee in the Giant Grove

Brenda has her morning coffee on a bench in the Giant Grove of Seqouia National Park. The sun streams through the giant trees in the early morning. August 12, 1982.

Jeff on a Fallen Giant

Jeff atop giant sequoia log. August 12, 1982.

Tunnel Through Giant Sequoia

Brenda with the van on the other side of the tunnel log. Jeff and Mark climbed on top of the log. Sequoia National Park August 12, 1982.

Rod and Jeff at Base of Giant Sequoia

Sequoia National Park August 12, 1982.

Among the Giants

Brenda takes a short rest on our hike through the giant sequoias in Sequoia National Park. August 12, 1982.

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Wildflower meadow

Trip Day 12
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